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My name is Roger and I have been coaching for years on how to create change to transform life.

We all have challenges. Whether it is your health, your wealth, or your relationships, everything that you create in life starts with your thinking. Show me your life and how you think is revealed. You may have tried to create a change in some area of your life but it either didn't last, or you've given it a shot a couple of times but it never worked.

You can change your situation if you decide to…intend to… feel in your core that enough is enough—if others can drive a new car, if others can have a special person in their life, if others can put a limit on how negatively someone speaks to them— then you can too.


Transforming Real Lives

"Roger worked with my son who was really hard to reach. He was able to create some really great strategies and established a good rapport with him. Most importantly he created harmony in my son’s life and allowed me to have a more positive relationship with him again."

~ Alena Franek,
Reno, Nevada

"Roger was instrumental in creating an atmosphere that our students could learn in.  He was able to work with our most difficult kids and managed to shift their behavior to the point that they stopped arguing with staff and running out of the classroom and sat down and did some work.  For one of our kids, this was the first time in 5 grades that that had happened!"

~ Natalia Harispuru,

"I was stuck in a horrible relationship that, inexplicably a kept going back to. Roger worked with me a lot. He was soft at first but gave me the straight truth and most importantly helped me find that truth within myself. 15 years of a disruptive pattern, broken in one definitive session one day. Thank you thank you thank you!"

~ Georgina P.,
Teacher and Student

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